ProBetter Pickleball Paddle

Our pickleball paddles are known for their elegant design, quality craftsmanship and excellent value!

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We’ve tried many pickleball paddles and realized in order to get exactly what we wanted we needed to design it ourselves. We were tired of handles that were too short, uncomfortable grips, decals and stickers peeling off the face of the paddle, lack of power, paddles with no touch, paddles that were too expensive and/or too cheap and poorly made… We hope you will love our pickleball paddle as much as we do! As we say “Not only will you look better, you will play better with ProBetter!”

Here why the ProBetter pickleball paddles is the right choice for you:


Elegant design with high quality materials and craftsmanship;


Optimal handle length and grip size for balance, control and accuracy;


Premium screen painted design – no more peeling, stickers or decals;


Perfect weight to power ratio;


Premium polypropylene honeycomb core and graphite surface provides large sweet spot, noise absorption, power and control.



Your satisfaction means a lot us, and we stand behind our products 100%


Our Pickleball Paddles are backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee


1 year free replacement warranty

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Pickleball Paddle Face: Graphite Carbon Fiber

Pickleball Paddle Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb

Pickleball Paddle Weight: 7.9 oz +/-0.2 oz

Pickleball Paddle Length: 15.75 inches

Pickleball Paddle Width: 7.87 inches

Pickleball Paddle thickness: 0.55 inches

Pickleball Paddle Grip Length: 5.12 inches

Pickleball Paddle Grip Circumference: 4.25 inches

Pickleball Paddle Edge guard thickness: 0.16 inches

Pickleball Paddle cover: Neoprene



1x Premium ProBetter Paddle

1x Protective Neoprene Cover

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Only $39.99 Now for a limited time $35.99!

Use coupon: ProBetter10 – Save $4.00!

*The “Buy Now” button will redirect you to the Amazon page so you can proceed with the purchase.